A Coral Story / A Dolphin Story



Price:                25,000 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   20 minutes

Released:          Sony

A dual feature disc, each feature being approximately 11 minutes in length.  A Coral Story is just that, a pseudo-documentary of how coral forms.  The presentation is relaxing theme music to the microscopic views of coral in the beginning stages of development all the way until it attaches to a rock and grows from there.  Included is also how coral breeds and reproduces in the wild. 


A Dolphin Story features footage of dolphins in the wild doing natural behavior.  Similar music to A Coral Story, with on screen subtitles in English and Japanese that explains each natural habit of dolphins including singing, wave riding, playing, etc.

The picture on both features is excellent with well detailed shots and very saturated colors.  The picture is bright and lively, and the quality of the Hi-Vision system presents itself very well here.  Compression artifacts are all but absent, and this disc is highly recommended.

Sound is presented in the B-Mode, and features your standard scenery music ( homebrew pop music).  Surround activity is nil, and low frequency effects are tied to the music which means very little is present. 

A Coral Story is actually pretty boring both in subject matter and picture, but A Dolphin Story more than makes up for this and is a delight to watch.  I never get bored of watching the dolphins wave riding on the bow of the boat or jumping and frolicking in the surf.  Recommended.