Emille Galle


ID:                   00MW-0007

Price:                14,800 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   29 minutes

Released:          Sony

Emille Galle was a French artist who’s primary works of art were made with glass.  Many of his works were considered more than art, and more like sculptures.

Sharp and detailed, nicely saturated colors.  The picture is primarily shots of glass sculptures in both static form and with the camera rotating around the piece.  Additional camera work involves zooming in for even more detail on some of his works.


Compression artifacts are basically absent.

A nice B-Mode classical soundtrack accompanies this disc, and overall sounds very pleasant.  Sound stage is filled and warm sounding, while surround and low frequency activity is all but absent.

Great looking picture, soothing soundtrack. 


But you have to be into art, especially the kind Emille Galle produces, otherwise this disc will surely put you to sleep.  Although a great looking picture, I doubt you or any guests want to view High Definition glass works.  Then again, if your guests are artists themselves, this disc would be most pleasing to view.