It’s Real : F1 Grand Prix Highlights


ID:                   PILH-2001

Price:                20,000 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   1:18

Released:          Pioneer

Highlights of F1 Grand Prix races as well as the paddock areas.  Lot’s of camera shots featuring segments from races, as well as composite shots of race teams preparing for the actual race.  Lot’s of footage of the Ferrari Team !

Picture is very sharp with plenty of shadow detail present.  Colors are nicely rendered although at times can feel a bit desaturated.  There is some chroma noise present in the picture, and compression artifacts while few, are present in the form of analog noisy picture.  But the compression artifacts are slight, and never get in the way of the picture being presented.  My guess is this is an early HDVS camera shot production.


Sound of F1 cars are not present as much as you’d think.  Sound comes via B-Channel, but is primarily a relaxed soundtrack to accompany the varying shots encompassing this disc.  Surround and low frequency effects are absent.

If you’re into F-1 cars and racing, this is a nice composite disc.  Otherwise, this disc may be a bit boring to view, and certainly has very little repeat value.