Ferrari of the Art


ID:                   COLE-50004

Price:                17,500 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   25 minutes

Released:          Denon

A combination of a wealthy Japanese owners private and exclusive Ferrari collection as well as some footage from what appears to be a Ferrari club event in Japan.  Purely a Ferrari lovers almost ideal living picture book, combined with an classical Italian soundtrack.

Considerably improved over the Romantic Greece (Denons first Hi-Vision release).  Colors are bold and saturated almost to the point of being over saturated.  The detail level is excellent and you can really see every bit of work that went into each and every Ferrari shown.  Fantastic looking.


The outdoor rainy Ferrari Club shots are also evident of the detail and resolution present in the MUSE Hi-Vision system.  Compression artifacts are present, but not very noticeable.  Artifacts manifest themselves as a slightly grainy and noisy picture in scenes. 


It’s a classical Italian soundtrack and nothing more.  The soundtrack occupies the front channels with subwoofer and surrounds hardly active.  What is disappointing from a critic standpoint is the lack of Ferrari engine sounds.  The only sounds you hear is the Ferrari F-50 pulling up of the owner explaining the collection he has.  That’s it !  Hearing some of these cars (especially in the club action sequences) would have made this disc a must have.

If you love Ferraris and High Definition video, that’s plenty of reasons to own this disc.