Legends of the Fall


ID:                   HVMC-21588

Price:                24,800 yen

Discs:               2

Sound:              A-Mode / EFM

Running Time:   2:13

Released:          Sony

from IMDb


Fed up with the way the army treats injuns, Colonel Ludlow moves to the Montana mountains to start a new life

with his 3 sons. Once settled, he teaches them the good ole American skills of riding horses and shooting things.

After a spell at university one of the sons, Samuel, comes home to show off his new fiance. Both his brothers love

her. In fact they both lurve her, which makes things a little bit awkward for a while until, fortunately, the first world

war breaks out. This creates a whole host of career opportunities for young men versed in the skills of riding

horses and shooting things, so the brothers enlist.

The picture on this disc is simply superb.  Compression artifacts are minimal, and the picture is very smooth taking on the film look so many home theater fans are looking to reproduce.  Colors are nicely rendered and very saturated.  Many of the scenes take on a 3-D look to them giving a “you are there” presence to them.  The color rendition combined with the sharpness of the picture is clearly superior to the DVD version. 


This is a must own film disc for your collection if you marvel fantastic picture.

The sound is equally great (PCM track reviewed) with the music score creating a wonderful and enveloping soundstage. Surrounds are used often, but not overused. 


If you are looking for great looking MUSE discs, especially films, this disc is a must own film.  The movie is also quite good and very emotional at times, but can’t be recommended enough.  Buy this disc!