Romantic Greece and the Aegean Sea


ID:                   COLE-50001

Price:                14,500 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   33 minutes

Released:          Denon

A scenery disc shot around Greece.  Features include national monuments (Coliseum, Pantheon) as well as the islands off the coast of Greece.  Very pretty disc, with a lot of water and air based shots.

Clearly shot on early generation HDVS camera systems, the picture isn’t very sharp and is definitely a soft looking picture compared to many of the later released scenery discs.  Colors are not very punchy, and details tend to be hidden because of the soft looking picture. 


Compression artifacts are also present and rear themselves as analog noise present in the picture.  While not intrusive they are present.

B-Mode background music that is suited perfectly for this disc and subject matter.  The sound wasn’t very memorable and easily forgettable, so what else can I say? 


If you love Greece or are curious and can pick this disc up cheap, go for it.  I wouldn’t turn it down, but I also wouldn’t fork out full price for it either.