Sea Forest


ID:                   00MW-0013

Price:                14,800 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   25 minutes

Released:          Sony

Underwater scenery disc which appears to be shot in the Pacific region (San Francisco to Washington) area.  A cold water scenery disc (as opposed to warm water tropical regions) featuring lots of kelp forests and cold water creatures (seals too!)

Very nicely detailed picture, with bold colors and nicely detailed shots.  Many of the shots are in somewhat deep water, and are well lit and feature plenty of shadow details.  Compression artifacts are nil, and I have to struggle to think of any scenes that had noticeable problems.

A nice companion to Fish Face of Okinawa.

Very similar to Fish Face of Okinawa, a lively soundtrack that features use of the surround channels for ambient sound.  Nothing terribly exciting, but adds nice background noise to the picture you are watching.

A great addition for those that love scenery discs with fish.  The picture is worthy of the Hi-Vision label, and I recommend this disc to anyone looking to add to their collection.