Song of Africa


ID:                   00MW-0014

Price:                14,800 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   25 minutes

Released:          Sony

Beautiful shot scenery around Africa.  Many animals featured such as hippos, elephants, lions, cheetah, giraffes, and more.  This disc features the animals in their natural habitat and is synced to ethnic style music.  Not a National Geographic or “when animals go wild” type video, just a moving picture book.

Picture is very nice though at times comes across as being soft.  Colors are rich and vibrant, and the detail in most shots is amazing, with every little detail on a particular animal easy to see and distinguish.  There are times when you feel like the animals might be stalking you it looks so real!  Compression artifacts are few and far, but do exist and give the picture a slight grainy noise to it.  Nothing major or distracting, and it’s definitely not a common occurrence. 


Overall a great picture.

The B-Mode sound is typical, which means warm and active, and even the surrounds are a little more active than just ambient effects.  Though there are no animal sounds (just music), some animal sounds would have been nice, but overall the soundtrack is appropriate and fitting.

One of the few discs to feature something other than fish, it’s a welcome change and one that is recommended.  The picture is damn good, with just a slight amount of softness and compression artifacts that keep it from a 5 * rating.