ID:                   00MW-0010

Price:                14,800 yen

Discs:               1

Sound:              B-Mode

Running Time:   22 minutes

Released:          Sony

A relaxing look at the island of Tahiti and some of the locals who inhabit Tahiti.  Includes topless Tahitians (Parental advisory), views above and below the island.  Best compared to watching a virtual fantasy.

Very nice and warm looking picture, with colors that are a little to over saturated.  Nevertheless a nice looking disc, and one that shows how much detail Hi-Vision titles can have.  When the locals are jumping into the water in the lagoon, you can see clearly a bunch of fish scatter and then quickly return, and the water is very clear.  There is a lot of shadows in this film, and plenty of them are displayed and distinguishable. 


The picture occasionally takes on a slightly soft look, but it’s rare and can be attributed to compression artifacts.  Other compression artifacts occur in low lit jungle scenes, and represent the nasty mosquito look.  Not bad, but definitely better than some of the movie titles.


Sound, what little there is.  This is one of the few discs that is A-Channel only, and basically is local ethnic music, like a ukulele being the primary instrument.  Very appropriate background music, but nothing to get excited about.

Beautiful, simply beautiful.  Very much recommended if you enjoy scenery discs, and would like to experience a 22 minute vacation.  Oh, I’m ready to pack my bags.