The film starts with some comedy scenes, the introduction of Raja, the hero and a first song/dance number. The actual story begins after the song. Raja has an ongoing dispute with his parents about marriage. He does not want to marry, but his parents think it's time for him to finally get married.

Raja goes to the airport to pick up a friend who wants to visit him. Instead of his friend he finds a girl named Priya at the airport. Priya tells Raja that she loves his friend and that he can not come. She also says that her father is against this love, because he wants her to marry a rich guy, who she does not love.

After they exit the airport, some bad guys, who were sent by Priya's father, want to take her back. Raja fights them all and after he has saved Priya, he brings her to his guest house.

A few days later Raja's friend also arrives in town. When he looks at another girl, Raja confronts him and finally his friend tells him that he doesn't know Priya and that she was lying.

After that Priya tries to do suicide, but Raja saves her, again. In the next song Raja sings a poem and Priya tells Raja that she loves his poems. Obviously she knew his poems from the past.

Priya tells Raja's parents that they love each other. Of course, the parents are very pleased about this and start to arrange their marriage. Pryia tells everyone that she and Raja are lovers. When Raja's friends hear this, they ask him, why he didn't tell them himself first.

When Raja goes home, he finds his parents making preparations for the wedding. Raja gets very angry and stops the preparations. Priya says she's loves him and that she has loved him before. Raja says she is lying and that she doesn't know what love is. He wants to throw her out of his house and picks up her bag, in which he finds a picture of some other girl, also called Priya.


The second part after the intermission starts a few years back in college. We see the girl from Raja's picture, Priya Mahalakshmi, again in a scene where she salutes a monkey. She is a friend of Priya. Raja attends a different college than Priya and Priya Mahalakshmi. There is some rivalry between the two the colleges.

Raja's college organizes a performance in which Raja sings his poems. Priya, who is a big fan of his poems, finds out that he will perform there and decides to go to the performance, even though she at first didn't want to go there.

After Raja's performance, Priya wants to get an autograph from him. When the lights suddenly go out, Priya kisses Raja and tells him that he loves her. In the confusion that follows, Priya Mahalakshmi ends up holding his hand instead of Priya.

In the next scene we see a friend of Priya Mahalakshmi crying. She explains that she loves a guy from Raja's college, but that Bhavani, a bad guy with a lot of influence in Priya's college, does not want it to happen. After that Raja goes to Priya's college and fights Bhavani and his friends.

Because Raja lives in the same house as Priya Mahalakshmi, Priya asks her to visit Raja with her books of poems to ask him about the poems. Instead of Raja she finds a friend of Raja at his house, who tells her that he is Raja. After Priya finds out, she gets angry and asks Priya Mahalakshmi to go again to Raja's house. This time she meets Raja and asks all kind of questions about him.

After a while Raja and Priya Mahalakshmi start to fall in love with each other. Priya shows Priya Mahalakshmi a drawing of Raja and Priya. Priya Mahalakshmi realizes that Priya loves Raja.

Bhavani, the villain, kidnaps Priya Mahalakshmi to get even with Raja. Raja goes after them, but he can't reach the car. The desperate Priya Mahalakshmi jumps out of the moving car. Raja finds her severely injured, but he was too late and she dies in his arms. Seeing Priya Mahalakshmi in Raja's arms, she realizes that Raja loved Priya Mahalakshmi very much and leaves.

After that the story returns to the present time. Still in Raja's parents house, Priya tells the story of mistaken identity during the autograph scene. She says she's can't forget Raja. Raja in return asks how she can expect him to forget Priya Mahalakshmi. The wedding is called off and Priya is ready to leave.

At the train station Priya's father arrives together with Bhavani and more company. We now learn that Bhavani is the guy Priya's father wants her to marry.

Raja does nothing at first, but when Bhavani takes Priya, Raja sees flashbacks from the kidnapping of Priya Mahalakshmi. After that Raja goes after the bad guys on the train. A final big fight is beginning and of course Raja defeats all the villains. Priya looks for Raja after the fight and they walk away together, leaving the ending somewhat open.

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